The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs
by Wilhelm and Brower, Preservation Publishing Co
719 State St., box 567, Grinnell, Iowa, 50112-5575, USA.
US$ 69.95.
This is one of the rarest books: it is worth more than its price.

The depth and breadth of information on longevity and proper storage of photographic materials are not only useful but amazing. Anyone who makes, stores or owns valuable photographs needs this book.

One quibble only: the title gives no indication that this book is by far the most detailed source of information on preserving black and white materials of all sorts. In particular, black and white print materials are dealt with exhaustively.

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Water Dance
Howard Schatz,
Graphis U.S., Inc.
ISBN 3-85709-455-9

The underwater work of Howard Schatz and a group of dancers obviously intrigued by the endeavor.

The pictures, mostly nude, could easily have ended up cliche or hackneyed. Even though zillions of underwater figure photos have been made, Schatz has produced photographs that are fresh and inspiring. Beautiful, even!

Not many books provoke this reaction: I'm glad he did this.

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