Panorama of Lloyd's Darkroom
Norbert again, with a few words by way of introduction.

Lloyd's darkroom is in the very unfinished basement of his downtown Toronto home, which is located in an aging industrial/warehouse area that is rapidly undergoing gentrification. Lloyd was large on the "Reduce/Reuse" concept many years before it became current, and nowhere does this admirable trait display more effectively than in his darkroom.

For over 25 years he has been "reducing" the local volume of trash by his consistent efforts, and I must admit they've occasionally produced some real finds. The long sink in his darkroom is an 8 foot, stainless steel example of what I mean. So are all the cabinets and sets of drawers you see in the panorama. Contructing the various shelves and supports involved "reusing" various scraps of lumber, angle iron, etc. - also from the trash. About the only things I've known Lloyd to actually fork out cash for are plumbing fittings and related supplies.

That contrasts nicely with the fact that he has absolutely no hesitation to spend thousands of dollars on any piece of equipment he feels is worth the money.

Hope everyone has a bit of a chuckle while touring the darkroom. The titles and remarks in typewriter text are Lloyd's. The smaller italics are additions I've made when I thought he was letting some interesting feature slide by unremarked.

There's a schematic underneath the panorama to give you an idea of how it all occupies real space.