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Natalie from the Back with Pearls

There's no question, Natalie is a pearl.

Even the ones on the string are real.

Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
SERIAL NUMBER: 8602-07-18
FILM: Kodak Tri-X 'Professional' -- TXP, 120 format, at EI 320.
EXPOSURE: unknown sec at f8.
FILM DEVELOPMENT: Rodinal 1:50, 20C, 22 min.
LIGHTING: daylight
CAMERA and LENS: Rolleiflex TLR, Zeiss Planar 80 mm, f2.8 lens.
Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
I made the negative for "Natalie from the Back with Pearls" in February, 1986. In an unusual burst of speed, I made the first prints (on RC plastic base material) that same month, and more in March.

However, it took me a decade to return to this negative and make high quality Fiber Base prints. I didn't like the results on the first type of paper I used, nor the developer, and I tried again in September 1997 with a warmtone material and a commercially prepared warmtone developer. I liked the prints, and even gave one to Natalie for her birthday (in a frame! Last of the big spenders...).

I made a few more prints in 1998, one of which I donated to a charitable auction. The eventual purchaser sent me laudatory email: "... your portraits are visual stories. I see stories in the hollows and curve of Natalie's back. I'm in awe." She went a little overboard, though, because the subject line of the email was "Lloyd is a Genius". I blush.

In 1999 I made a Potassium Edition of "Natalie from the Back with Pearls". I have continued working with warmtone paper, and I have found a venerable old photo formula for a developer appropriate for this type of material. It's called "Ansco 120", and it is mixed from plain chemicals rather than store-bought as a commercial developer. I've reworked the formula to suit myself, and I call the form of the developer I use "120 (Potassium)". Rather whimsically, when I make an edition with this developer, I call it a "Potassium Edition".

Typically for me, I unmercenarily made the Potassium Edition before any other, so if I make further editions, I probably won't be able to call one of them 'First Edition'. Silly of me. Nevertheless, these are beautiful, glowing, warm-flesh prints. One of the notes I made in my log the day I made them says, "This is a nice, gentle print." Whenever I have the honour of entering, my eye always jumps to the one hanging in Natalie's bedroom. People have bought a few non-editioned prints.

These are prints by Lloyd Erlick. I make them myself, by hand. I don't farm out to commercial labs, I have no mechanized processor, not even an assistant! I guarantee one hundred per cent customer satisfaction or purchase price refunded. There is no fuss over a return, no hoops to jump. Although this guarantee is quite absolute, no one has ever returned a print!

To arrange a purchase, please contact me. Here is how to get in touch:

Email: lloyd@the-wire.com

PRINT PRICES: (prices will rise as an edition sells out.)

  • Potassium Edition (Three prints, 16x20 inch)
    "Natalie from the Back with Pearls" ..... USD1000.00 (as of October 1, 2001)
  • In addition, there are two Potassium Edition AP (Artist's Proof) 16x20 prints
    "Natalie from the Back with Pearls" ..... USD1000.00 (as of October 1, 2001)


  • Potassium Edition (Three prints, 16x20 inch)
    "Natalie from the Back with Pearls"
    • 1/3 sold
    • 2/3 available
    • 3/3 sold
  • Potassium Edition AP (Artist's Proof) 16x20
    "Natalie from the Back with Pearls"
    • 1/2 available.
    • 2/2 available.
Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.