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Portraiture is probably one of the most intrusive activities. Even though the portraitist may have prepared them with exhortations to show themselves, most sitters are unaware of the depth of revelation that may be visited upon them.

I've often remarked that the portraitist's most frequently heard comments are, "It's not very flattering, is it?" and "It's not a very good likeness, is it?" Although I would not describe this portrait as unflattering, it is nevertheless not flattering. I consider flattery an extraneous and unnecessary, even detrimental, element. The delineation and depiction of real character and real relationship are the important issues.

The ability of the human perceptual apparatus to extract information from a sheet of paper or canvas or from a computer screen, and synthesize it into knowledge about a personality or relationship is quite amazing. It underlies not only portraiture but all art.

Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
SERIAL NUMBER: 9704-08-10
FILM: Kodak TMY ('T-Max 400'), 120 format, at EI 200.
EXPOSURE: f8 at 1/30 sec.
FILM DEVELOPMENT: Kodak D76 1+1, 11.5 minutes, 21C, plain water presoak, normal agitation.
LIGHTING: daylight.
CAMERA and LENS: Hasselblad ELX camera, Zeiss 120 mm f4 'makro' lens.
Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
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Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.