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A very few times in my life I've been privileged to do work like this.

I just hope I live long enough to photograph Liz as a grandmother.

Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
SERIAL NUMBER: 8702-13-1285
FILM: Tri-X (TX), 70 mm format, exposed at EI 400.
EXPOSURE: f8, 1/15 sec.
FILM DEVELOPMENT: Rodinal 1:50, 20C, 20 min.
LIGHTING: daylight.
CAMERA and LENS: HasselbladELX, Zeiss 120 mm f4 'Makro'.
Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.

"Liz, Nathalie and Simon, Feb 1987" is part of a series titled "Liz is Pregnant". The Archive section (see the Table of Contents) of will eventually contain the whole series.

I've come to believe that I can't go after pictures. Pictures of pregnant people have to be given. I'm just a mechanism for bringing them into the world. Lucky for me it's a lot less arduous than bringing people into the world!

The first time I worked on this picture was Feb. 1987. I really only made test prints, and later got back to the negative in Dec 1988. I made some nice prints of "Liz, Nathalie and Simon, Feb 1987", but they were on resin coated material. One of them still hangs on my wall, but I don't consider them my best work.

More than a decade passed before I returned to the negative. In Oct 2000 I made fiber base prints of "Liz, Nathalie and Simon, Feb 1987"; my darkroom notes include some remarks: "I like the look of this print! The shadows are open and beautiful. This is an absolutely beautiful print. The black background is a luminous black - Liz' hair is darker!" The eleven prints I made on that occasion are the First Edition of "Liz, Nathalie and Simon, Feb 1987".

I find it very interesting that the negative for "Liz, Nathalie and Simon, Feb 1987" is quite over-developed. It turns out to be quite a promotion for variable contrast materials. By turning the contrast setting of my enlarger light down to a level significantly below what would otherwise be considered normal, I was able to make lovely, long-scale prints with gorgeous skin tones and deep, rich blacks.

Low contrast in print making is potentially beneficial because of the very gradual change from black to white. High contrast implies an abrupt change, the highest contrast being blank white and deepest black with no intermediate grays. Gradual change implies a tonal scale that includes a vast number of different levels of gray ("tones of gray") along with white and black. My notion of 'luminous black' is really only a way of saying there is a very deep gray that we find satisfying to interpret as black, made luminous by the presence of an even deeper gray that we interpret as 'more black'.

All prints of "Liz, Nathalie and Simon, Feb 1987" offered for sale are made on fiber base (FB) material. To ensure long lifespan, they are properly treated and washed. In addition, a lengthy treatment in relatively concentrated Selenium Toner has been carried out. This protects the image from airborne pollutants, as well as enhancing the 'look' of the print. For many years I avoided toning my prints to the point of visible color change. However, warmtone print materials become beautiful in Selenium.

These are prints by Lloyd Erlick. I make them myself, by hand. I don't farm out to commercial labs; I have no mechanized processor, not even an assistant! I guarantee one hundred per cent customer satisfaction or purchase price refunded. There is no fuss over a return, no hoops to jump. This guarantee is absolute, but no one has ever returned a print!

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  • First Edition (Eleven prints, 16x20 inch)
    "Liz, Nathalie and Simon, Feb 1987" ..... USD1000.00 (as of November, 2001)


  • First Edition "Liz, Nathalie and Simon, Feb 1987"
    (Eleven prints, 16x20 inch)
    • 1/11 given to Liz' mother.
    • 2/11 presented to Liz.
    • 2/11 available
    • 4/11 available
    • 5/11 available
    • 5/11 available
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