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The portraitist attempts to create mementos, family heirlooms left like a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest for future generations. Mechanisms for conjuring the absent. Metaphors mixed in black and white, color, magnetic photo albums, aluminum frames.

I have a treasure hidden in a box of pictures. It's little Lloyd, caught radiating the pure joy of four, sitting on a pony. I even remember the very summer day, when the poor creature ambled up the street in front of our house. On a whim my mother decided to have a picture done by an itinerant portraitist. I was hoisted up onto his quadrupedal prop, he did something to make me laugh, and wham - something to hold for the rest of my life. I wonder if it wasn't that event that set me on my path?

So this picture is for Shai.

Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
SERIAL NUMBER: 9701-53-07
FILM: Kodak TMY ('T-Max 400'), 120 format, at EI 200.
EXPOSURE: f8 at 1/30 sec.
FILM DEVELOPMENT: D76 1:1, 11.5 min, 21C, plain water presoak, normal agitation.
LIGHTING: daylight.
CAMERA and LENS: Hasselblad ELX camera, Zeiss 120 mm f4 'makro' lens.
Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
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Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.