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This is a picture of human resilience.

It is very much to Norb's credit that he never made any bones about the fact that he had done Kim wrong. For two decades after her mother took her away to have a life, no excuses passed Norbert's lips. Quite the contrary, now that Kim has an adult life complete with all the problems of a twenty-something, he is inclined to lay the responsibility for those problems a little too much at his own feet.

Kim made the effort to find Norbert shortly before this portrait was made. I think her face reveals a good deal of daughterly wisdom. It must be extremely difficult to seek out an unknown parent, yet she has exercised that wisdom to have an adult relationship with her father.

Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
SERIAL NUMBER: 9208-21-09
FILM: Kodak TMY ('T-Max 400'), 120 format, at EI 200.
EXPOSURE: f8 at 1/8 sec.
FILM DEVELOPMENT: D76 1:1, 11 minutes, 20C, plain water presoak, normal agitation.
LIGHTING: daylight.
CAMERA and LENS: Hasselblad ELX camera, Zeiss 120 mm f4 'makro' lens.
Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
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Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.