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All cat people know this familiar gesture. Cynics insist it's merely designed to mark territory with scent. The rest of us see the clear affection.

Liz spent part of last winter seducing a big male stray. He turned up out of the snow, and she patiently reeled him in with bowls of food. He wouldn't set foot indoors until spring, and even then only for the time it took to eat. By the time he would stay indoors, and sit on her lap, and rub his cheek on her, he had pneumonia. It killed him in a day, leaving a dumfounded Liz in tears.

By now Liz has pulled a couple of dozen cats out of hell. Four or five live with her, the rest have homes all over the country. One has lived with Natalie for seventeen years, and has earned the title "Little Orange Husband." I'm not sure why, something about lying in the middle of the bed and snoring, I think.

Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
SERIAL NUMBER: 9701-08-11
FILM: Kodak TMY ('T-Max 400'), 120 format, at EI 200.
EXPOSURE: f8 at 1/8 sec.
FILM DEVELOPMENT: Xtol 1:2, 11 minutes, 21C, plain water presoak, normal agitation.
LIGHTING: daylight.
CAMERA and LENS: Hasselblad ELX camera, Zeiss 120 mm f4 'makro' lens.
Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.
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Copyright Lloyd Erlick. All rights reserved.